Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our new points system.

A dear friend shared with me their points system. So we have decided to create a version and give it a go.  We recently purchased a Stick on white board from Office works, which we have put up on our wall. It is helping to make this process better and more fun for all involved.  The children can see easily how well they are doing.

In consultation with the children we have come up with a few things that we thought where important for them to get points for, as well as some that they will loose points for.

Each point is values at 5cents, and will be tallied at the end of the pay fortnight determining there pocket money for the next pay day.

Some are character traits others are practical things that help make the home run better.

For example
1pt - having their area cleaned before 9am.
1pt - Reading to the little ones (doubt bonus for me, as they are spending nice time together as well as practising their reading skills)
1pt - Having a good attitude when asked to do something.
1pt - Making Bed in the morning.
1pt - putting away their cloths
1pt - Encouraging a sibling.

-minus points
-1pt - dropping food on the floor instead of chicken bucket.
-1pt - Bad attitude
-1pt - For being discouraging, meaning, fighting, bullying, etc.
-1pt - For not eating in the kitchen.

ETC. This isn't our full list, and we are adding to it as we go.

What things would be on your list ? please share in the comments.

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