Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shopping List for Week 1 and 2 Intro

So you may have read that we are going to redo intro, Starting Monday. So to prepare for that I'm writing my shopping list, which may help you when you consider doing it. So here goes. Please remember was are a family of two adults and 6 children - 8 years and younger.

10kgs of Mince - For breakfast balls.
half a side of Lamb. - out of the red meats this is our families favourite.
4 free range chickens

about $10's worth of meat and marrow bones.

5kgs of Carrots - $5.00
14 Zucchinis - one for each day of the fortnight
14 heads of Broccoli - one for each day of the fortnight
20 tomatoes - 10 for fermented salsa, and 10 for fermented tomatoes sauce.
6 butternut pumkins - out of all the soups you can have, my family like pumpkin and chicken.
10 kgs of onions - onions are a staple.
5 clovers of garlic
4 packets of mushrooms, a variety or kinds.
a bunch of celery
7 heads of cauliflower
2 Swedes/turnips
2 bunches of Asparagus - for fermenting
4 leeks - for leek a beef and leek soup

20 litres of Raw milk - $ 10
3 kgs of butter.

5 dozen eggs. - some of which will be from our own chickens.
Probably about 8 kgs of apples - for my children and in case of needing a boost.

So this is our working list and will be adding to it over the next couple of days. :0)

Blessings Christina


  1. Gosh your family eats a lot!!!