Thursday, August 9, 2012

Redoing Intro

SO here is an update on where we are health wise at the moment. So far on GAPS we have seen a lot of improvements in our health. Ben still has stomach pain, and finding it hard to sleep at times, but his energy has increased to the point that even if he doesn't sleep well at night, be rarely needs a day sleep to make up for it. His brain fog is much clearer, and I have noticed a marked difference in his ability to remember and think well. He has also lost 19kgs. I have lost 18kgs, improved eye sight, clearer thinking, less headaches, more energy, and I'm sure much much more that aren't at the front of my mind at the moment.

So now for many reason we have decided that we will do Intro again. One reason is we have been a little slack on having fermented foods, particularly veggies. Having enough broth, there are been a times when we forget to have broth, and really want to get on top of that. While Ben has had lots of improvements we want to try and get on top of the pain, so would like more healing. I also haven't had a working blood sugar machine for while, and I really want to test and know what my body is doing in that regard. We have introduced juicing everyday, and I would like to see what effect that is having on my blood sugar. As that is one the main reason that I am doing this diet, to heal and prevent diabetes, and gestational diabetes in pregnancy. So for those reason and a few more we are planning to start again.

I would like to say that you can get healing on full gaps however the healing is slower and we would both like to see more results quicker. Particularly me as I would like as much healing if not full healing before we get pregnant again. Which could be any time.

Our start date for a second round of intro is the 20th of August. So anyone interested in starting with us?

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