Thursday, August 23, 2012

Husbands Guest Blog 7 Starting again.

For those that really enjoy my occasional contribution to this blog, I am very sorry to have taken so long to contribute again. I have not done so because I was pretty sure I didn't have anything to say. Now I do.

About 4 days ago now, we decided to do the intro to GAPS again. There were a number of reasons for this, but one of which is that I had put myself on a 30 day detoxification plan. (I had a herbal chelating supplement which is called humet-r I think), and my pain level at night was considerable. So we are started again. The interesting thing about starting again is that I noticed my sugar cravings had not been killed off. Since on full gaps we are allowed honey and berries as a natural sweetener, I found myself thinking "If this is going to be miserable again I'm drinking my tea WITH TWO TEASPOONS of honey in it, and eating a WHOLE ROW OF BUTTER FUDGE DAMMIT!" This type of attitude made me think I hadn't quite gotten over the hump of the sugar addiction.

The last three days have been unpleasant. I have had a headache for the majority of those three days, but I have learned to welcome it to a degree, because when I have a "foggy" headache, it is usually clearing my mind up some more. and today I felt a bit better than the last three days. I am looking forward to more healing and I believe I will see results by the end of the week.

I am a shy person sometimes, but my illness made it even harder to talk to people. People would speak to me, and I would struggle, because my head was all foggy, to understand them. Today I can honestly say that my understanding has changed in leaps and bounds. It is a gruelling, sometimes rewardless journey, but if you continue to see progress as I have, it heartens you to keep on going. For men who have severe issues that need to do the GAPS diet, can I suggest again that you go for it, especially if you have a supportive wife or partner, and consider the benefits-

your rashes (if you have them) will subside
if you have to use your brain at work, you will think much clearer.
if you think much clearer, maybe you'll work harder, or earn more money
physically, you will be able to do things you didn't have the energy to do before. In the garden, at work, (maybe even in the bedroom!?)
and this I think is key- when you are being healed through the GAPS journey, you have much more of a peace- Patience is developed because your body doesn't automatically react with irritation to food.
and last but not least, finally you can have the type of life that you want, all you need is the courage to go and grab it.

So grab life. Whatever sugars and starches you miss out on temporarily is worth it in the long run. There is always so much more to gain than there is to lose.


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