Monday, June 28, 2010

providing Health for my family.

Over the Last 6 years, I have become increasingly aware of the way our medicating society has causes more problems than it has really solved. General main stream culture has taught us when we are sick or ill, to go to the doctor and He/She will find the problem, give us a drug, or tell us what to do to get better. The Doctor has the authority and has spent years are University learning medicine, so he knows far more about my body than me. So we just go along with what we are told, and don't really spend a lot of time researching for ourselves of seeking advice from other health care professionals, like the chemist, the Chiropractor, the Nutritional Therapist.

So for me the journey of discovering some of the truths about health, started 6 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first Child. During that pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. At the time as well the Doctor that I had told me that I would probably need to inject myself daily with Insulin, if my blood sugar levels where not controlled. For me this was devastating news at the time. I was extremely ill with Morning sickness, that didn't last for the morning but for the whole day and the whole pregnancy. So was depressed to start with, then to get this news, it was like my body was failing me, and my unborn child.

After attending the Diabetes education class and seeing the Dietician, I had to being testing my blood 4 times a day. so after two weeks of doing everything that the medical professionals told me, my sugars didn't stay under the magic number 7.0 and was dreading the day that I would have to go back to the doctor and report that I had failed to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise. Both of which were not easy when vomiting a lot! (hadn't yet learnt to line my hand bag with a plastic shopping bag).

Now having the personally that I do, I was first defeated, but then went into battle mode. Right this is a war and diabetes your not winning! I thought the best battle plan would then be to start researching,get to know the enemy, really looking into the disease, what causes it, how does the body produce insulin and so on, so began the journey of understand how my body works. The more I learnt about how the body works, or doesn't work in regards to diabetes, the more I learnt that there are some natural ways to help support your body deal with the problem, and start to heal itself. None of which was taught to me at the Diabetes class that I HAD to attend. In class I learnt that food was the enemy, if it tasted good it was a bigger enemy. Where what I was learning (on my own) was that food is your friend (if used right) and it taste good too.

Thus began my journey of not trusting what the medical profession was telling me, I'm not saying I am against Doctors, If we had a broken bone or where in an emergency situation we would go to the doctor. However we are ultimately responsible for our own health, not the doctor, and they are called medical Practises for a reason, they are practising on us, Yes they do know a lot, but no they don't know everything. And we should not be afraid to get a second opinion, as well as look at different ways of treating the same problem, and make sure it is the problem that is being treated not just the symptom.

I also want to say that I don't believe that Doctors intend to get the wrong information, or only prescribe drugs,(however some do only prescribe drugs) no I think that most people who go into these professions do so wanting to help people, and that's what they believe they are doing. And Yes they are helping some people. But they are not the be all in health care. Even doctors will say that prevention is better than cure.


  1. Just found you blog, haven't had time to read it all yet - but will come back to visit soon and do so. Think it's wonderful. Looking forward to catching up with you this way. Blessings Britta

  2. I started researching health just before getting pregnant with my first baby. I read The Natural Way to Better Babies by Francesca Naish and Jeanette Roberts and found out about preconception care, the dangers asociated with vaccines, and the relationship between diet, health and the health of your baby and how your baby's health is directly linked to the mothers health at least 4 months before conception.
    That started my journey, and I learn more and more every day. We rarely go to the dr, we use natural medicine and whole foods, we don't vaccinate, we will grow our own food when we have a house, and we homeschool (natural learning). It's a whole lifestyle change, and I find our lives touching others lives all the time too. I love it!