Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letting God plan our Family Size

For me, making the decision to allow God to plan our family size was a big decision and not one entered into lightly. Much Thought and Prayer went into the decision, But for me the bottom line was that we knew it was what the Lord was asking of us! So we had to say yes! When we first entered into this decision we had one baby and another or the way, and not a lot of Money. When asked the question as a girl how many children I wanted to have my answer was probably pretty standard "a boy and a girl". We never set out to have a lot of children but as the Lord warmed our heart to letting Him decide, after all He know far more than us, and knows what is to come in the future,the idea of having a lot doesn't worry me now. I was challenged by the thought that I could possible have 20 children, I mean I'm not a rocket scientist but I can count, and do simple maths. The next step for me was then changing my attitude to that possible 20 children, I mean really why was the thought of having that many children a problem? Of course there are lots of challenges facing large families but the same can be true of small families... Was Have a large family the problem or was it my thinking... after searching the scriptures and my heart I knew the answer was my thinking... and then set forth to make a covenant with my future children, I didn't want any of my children to come into this world without me being joyful of there arrival. After all the world is a cruel enough place as it is, they needed me on there side. That then being said the issue wasn't any more about how many children I might have, but learning to be the best mother I can be to any number of children that I might have, and the Lord may bring into our lives. Learning skills to manage my household, feed my family, nourish there bodies, minds, spirits and souls. This is where I am today...Learning, learning, Learning. Some days I get it right other far from it but each day is a journey of learning.


  1. Beautiful! Well put and a special testimony... what lucky kids they are to have you as their Mummy :)

  2. Thanks Anita,much appreciated. As as are your children!.