Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 6 stage 4 for another week

Busy busy week. As you may have read, this weekend Ben and I held a GAPS information day. So this week has been a little messed up for us. We were on stage 4 until friday, when I cooked some tasty full GAPS treats for people to try, and we just couldn't serve people YUMMY food without trying some of it..... Well we could have but we REALLY didn't want too. So we have over indulged in full gaps food this weekend. Also during the week we haven't added many of the stage 4 elements that we were aiming to, like juicing. So for those reasons this week we will be staying on stage 4.

Foods allowed on stage 4

* Meat stock
* Fish stock
* Organ meat - liver should be included at least once a week.
* Well boiled veggies, onions, garlic, carrots, broccoli, leeks, cauliflower, courgettes, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, Asparagus, beetroot, Eggplant, Kale, Spinach, Tomatoes, anything on the allowed list that is not too fiberous.
* Boiled meats
* Mineral Salt and Pepper
* sauerkraut juice
* Ginger root - for fresh herbal tea
* Honey - Raw, only a small amount in herbal tea.
* Lemon - only a small piece in warm water as morning drink
* Apple Cider Vinegar for bone broth, and in the morning glass of water to aid in digestion.
* homemade Ghee
* Homemade Yoghurt - if tolerated
* Egg yokes, soft boiled eggs, pouched eggs.
* Fermented veggies.
* Fermented fish.
* Fresh herbs.
* Scrambled eggs
* Activated Nuts
* Nut Pancakes
* Start adding Olive oil
* Grilled and roasted Meats.
* Introducing freshly pressed juices, starting with Carrot juice, then try celery, cabbage, lettuce, and fresh mint leaves.
* A GAPS milk shake - but adding yoghurt to juice.
* Baking Bread with Nuts and or seeds.

So we will aim to get juicing in every morning this week, adding our minerals and lemon juice to it.

Snacks for the week: Activated nuts, Yoghurt with some honey, any left overs, and ferments.

Breakfast: Salmon Pancakes,lemon sour cream and Sauerkraut. ( I use fish broth as some of my liquid for the pancakes.
Lunch: Pumpkin Soup and fermented Kimchi.
Dinner: Roast Chicken Served with boiled veggies, ghee, gravy and Sauerkraut.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and Sauerkraut.
Lunch: Chicken soup with fermented tomato sauce.
Dinner: Roasted chicken with boiled veggies, ghee, gravy and sauerkraut.

Breakfast: Omelete, left over lamb and gravy with cherry chutney.
Lunch: Chicken soup with fermented tomato sauce or chutney.
Dinner: grilled steaks with gravy, boiled veggies, ghee, and sauerkraut.

Breakfast : Omelete, with mashed avocado, fermented salsa, kefir cheese and Sauerkraut.
Lunch: Leek Soup with fermented chutney.
Dinner: Poached fish, in fish stock and lemon. Served with Julienned boiled veggies, and Sauerkraut.
Snack : Activated pecans.

Breakfast: Meat Balls with Veggie and Onion Gravy and fresh herbs and Avocado Mash.
Lunch: Onion and leek soup and sauerkraut.
Dinner: Lamb roast, with boiled veggies, and baked pumpkin gravy and sauerkraut. (I did extra pumpkin for pancakes in the morning)

Breakfast:Pumpkin pancakes, with honey and sour cream. Side plate of left over lamb and gravy.
Lunch: Onion and Leek Soup with fermented chutney.
Dinner: Roasted chicken, with baked veggies, gravy and sauerkraut.

Breakfast: Meat Balls with Veggie and Onion Gravy and fresh herbs and Avocado Mash.
Lunch: Pumpkin soup with egg yoke and ghee
Dinner: Slow Roasted lamb with boiled veggies and Onion Gravy.

Again this is my meal plan, so please adjust the meals to ones that your family will enjoy. Giving new soups a try, like beetroot soup, carrot soup, cauliflower soup, Zucchini soup etc. We really love lamb more than we do beef, so if you like beef casserole, or steaks change to them. :)

Love to hear from you some time about what it working for your family. :)


  1. When you say you're adding minerals - what are you using? Thanks!

    1. When I say minerals there are three types that I use, and I rotate them so that we get a really good coverage of all the mineral groups. Feroxin, King Island colloidal minerals, and Changing habits and changing lives colloidal minerals I add them to my morning water, some time twice a day because I know that I have some mineral issues that need catching up on.

  2. I'll be heading into stage four this week as well. It's going pretty well.

    1. Oh Yay Kristina, so glad to hear the you are doing well. :)
      Have you been blogging?

    2. Yes, I have done one GAPS update so far and I plan to do another this week.