Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 89 - Update.

Day 89, I'm so excited to be able to say that. SO close to three months. When we first started this journey we just took the leap and didn't know when we would land or finish the race. Well we haven't finished the race yet and we are still a long way off, but I feel so confident now that we actually can. I didn't think we could when we first started. I thought we would give it a good shot, but I wasn't really very confident that we wouldn't cheat or fail along the way. But I can honestly say that we haven't.

We have both had many good results, we still have a lot to come, but I'm feel confident that they will. Something that I haven't mentioned yet is that my eyes are so much better. Over the last few months before starting the diet I would get headaches a fair bit, and would need to wear my glasses to help see and relieve the pain. Over the last few months I have not needed them at all. Head aches are much rarer, and my eye sights has been good!

We are starting to fall into routine with our cooking. I'm aim to do the bulk of my cooking and making on Saturdays. Making 4 Litres of Yoghurt, cook beans and freezing them, make sour cream, Kefir cheese, and some special treats for the week. I currently have bone broth continually going in the slow cooker, my latest batch is chicken and pork mixed together, I like how the the flavours keep getting better and better.

I'm also very confident that after finishing this diet I won't go back to cooking with sugar. I think I would just rather leave it out. In saying that I will probably relax for social occasions like shared lunches, but I'm finding life very satisfying with out it. I'm enjoying the experimentation that I'm doing more and more of at the moment. Because you have less ingredients at your disposal, you find interesting things to do with them, and I love creating "Treats" like cheesecake with healthy ingredients so I know when I'm serving them that they are all of good stuff. I am also really enjoying trying to serve up food that looks gourmet, even though the ingredients are simple, making food look tasty makes all the difference about how you feeling. I don't feel deprived at all when I look at my plate of vibrant salad with a tasty dressing, and nicely placed meats with a delish bone broth and red wine sauce. Will have to take a pic of that one soon and share a recipe. :0)

I'm soon going to do a blog of the supplements that we take to help with this journey, as well as one on the kitchen tools that I use all the time. So keep an eye out for those two blog posts soon to come your way. Also don't forget if there is something that you would like us to write on, drop us a comment and we will endeavour to write on it. Bye for now Christina

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