Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Testimony to Christ

Hi, I've been a christian since I was 20, so 11 years now. I was not born into a Christian Home, but my parent did attend the salvation Army church most Sundays, Until my one of my older brothers pasted away when I was 6, and they blamed God, so my father refused to go to church from then on, and shortly after we moved State. So we were the family that only really went to church for Christening's that weddings, that sort of thing. But I was always drawn to what the pastor or preacher had to say, I loved it so much I would often go and sit in the very front seat. I had several times when I began to explore Christianity but the timing was not right. It wasn't until I was at University Study performing arts that the timing was right. I was in second year of my studies when a friend and I decided to have a day trip back home, which was a bit over a 2 hour drive each way. So we visited her family and then my family, and then she asked if we could go to church on the way back home. I had no problem with that, I was still intrigued by God and Church. SO we went and God so clearly spoke to me during that the time there, I was in love. So I would drive back to that church every couple of weeks and attend the service. It hadn't even crossed my mind that there might be a church close by that I could attend every week, at that point. So finally after many months I did finally attend a church in my area. However there wasn't really anyone to join me on that journey. The friend that introduced me to church was on rocky road in regards to her relationship with Christ, and really struggled with me loving Him. So not having anyone to be my spiritual parents and guide me in the way to go, I was a sitting duck for the Enemy and was easily lead astray. So interestingly enough the person that lead me to Christ was also the person that lead me to drugs. And after some short time of trying to live in both worlds, I soon stopped going to church. But God being God that was not the end of the story... I remember very clearly sitting in my car driving along this country road, thinking to myself, "I've got it sorted, I'll just live my life the way that I want to, smoking, drinking and so on... and then just before I die I will say, God forgive me for all my sins and I will shoot on in to heaven" Well just at that very moment the back of my car came out from under me, and I was given a choice, to fall down the cliff, or turn the wheel hard and run into the hill. It never even entered my mind to say "Lord, forgive my sins" at that point in time. While my car rolled three times and was a mess, written off, I only had minor injuries. I could have died, and it's a wonder I was able to get out of the car. I knew from that point on there was no messing around with God. He was in control and had protected me from serious harm, and I am eternally grateful for the lesson He taught me that day. Because of Him, I went on to start a Christian Theatre company, directing plays, which lead me to meeting my husband of now 9 years and we currently have 6 lovely little blessings to raise in the ways of the Lord.
Praise God, I'm so over joyed that He Loves Me!

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