Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teachable Opportunities!

Look for teachable opportunities, you never know how you may help someone else

I remember a time when I only had two children, and was having a play date at the park with a close friend, while we where chatting one of her friends came to say hi, and mentioned she was pregnant. So I asks a few questions to be included in the conversation, like, when are you due?, how are you feeling?, and are you going to find out the sex?. the other questions where fine, but the last one changed the conversation. She said "oh no we don't do ultra sounds!" I was really surprised as at that point I had never met anyone who had a problem with U/S. But instead of seeing this an opportunity to share with me about why they choose not to, she went on whole different manner of "I'm a better Mother than you, because of the choices I make".

Only now after having 5 children, with number 6 on the way, have I really developed my beliefs about birth and pregnancy and can stand on them. However I do wonder how much soon that journey would/could have progressed had that Lady seen it as a teachable opportunity.

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